Our Hire Terms & Conditions


• We reserve the right to utilize photos or videos from your event, including those taken by us, for promotional purposes on our website and social media platforms to showcase our brand and services.


• To confirm your booking, a non-refundable reservation fee of £100 per booking is required unless otherwise stated in writing. For larger events requiring extensive planning, this fee may be up to 50% of the total booking fee. Your booking is confirmed once we receive cleared funds.
• For events requiring travel or overnight stays, a reservation fee of 50% of the total booking fee is necessary to cover travel and associated costs.
• Any loss or damage to items provided during your booking, caused by any event attendee or venue staff member, will be billed to you. Payment for the item must be made within 28 days of receiving the invoice and replacement quote
• The remaining balance must be paid at least 3 days prior to the event. Failure to do so will be considered a cancellation, and the equipment may be reallocated to other events. No refunds will be issued.
• Limited-time offers are valid for the duration stated in your quote or invoice. If payment is not made within the agreed timeframe, the offer will revert to the original price. Payments made after the deadline will require you to cover the difference or forfeit the offer.
• All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing via email to info@slayyourxperience.com


• Unless specified otherwise, we typically need about 30 minutes for unloading. If there are loading restrictions at your venue, please notify us in advance.


• The Client must be 18 years or older at the time of booking.
• Once a reservation fee payment has been made and email confirmation sent, this shall be considered a binding contract.
• SlayYourXperience reserves the right to cancel any bookings if full payment is not received prior to the delivery of services. Additionally, it is the client's responsibility to provide complete and accurate venue information within a reasonable timeframe to allow our staff to make necessary preparations and plan their journey. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the cancellation of the booking without refund.
• Quotes are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated and prices are not guaranteed until the reservation fee payment has been received.
• Details of what is included in your chosen package will be sent in your quote: if it’s not mentioned in the quote, it’s not included.
• All changes to event details must be sent via email.
• If booking on behalf of a client, please ensure you have accurate information.
• If you are booking on behalf of a client, our contract is with you.
• If booking our services as part of a large-scale event, please ensure the event manager/coordinator is made aware of our arrival time, set-up requirements, packing-up times, and parking requirements.
• We will be able to set up and test our equipment safely.
• Adequate loading-in space/facilities exist at your venue.
• Parking is available either on-site or within a 5-minute walk.


• We reserve the right to suspend the event if there is a risk to our staff or equipment. The decision of the attendant is final and non-negotiable, and no refunds will be provided.
• Unless explicitly agreed upon, all equipment requires an indoor setting with a solid, stable, level floor and access to 13 amp, 240V power within 5 meters of its intended location. The client assumes liability for any hazards posed by trailing cables.
• Delays due to client indecision regarding equipment placement will not be eligible for refunds.
• Refunds will not be provided for delays caused by excessive loading distances. Please refer to the FAQ section for details on setup times.
• The client is fully responsible for any damage to the equipment during the hire period.
• Damaged equipment will incur charges at the current replacement cost, which will be invoiced to the client.
• Adequate parking arrangements must be ensured, with one small car parking space required unless otherwise specified.
• We disclaim liability for property damage or injuries resulting from the use of our services.
• The client consents to discreet promotion of our business through the display of business cards, leaflets, etc.
• Equipment appearance may vary slightly from our website as we continually update our product offerings.
• Additional time may be requested, with hourly rates clearly outlined in your quote. Requests are subject to equipment and attendant availability.
• Children must be supervised at all times.